Posted by: hatzihatzi | June 11, 2012

it’s a pity

I’ve been reading up as much as I can about poison ivy and what it looks like and how to kill it (apparently, it’s pretty hard to do). One site I read said that a poison ivy rash will probably be the itchiest thing you will ever experience. I scoffed at this. I have poison ivy on my leg and back and am not very itchy. My itchiest experience was probably about a year ago when I had pityriasis rosea. It’s, well, look it up. It’s a rash that is so fucking itchy. When I got it, I first thought I had skin cancer, then ring worm, then psoriasis (damn you WebMD) until I finally went to the dermatologist who told me there was nothing he could do. Don’t scratch or I’ll get a secondary infection. He gave me some cream that didn’t really help the itching. It went away, but it was a horrible experience. I scratched until I bled on several parts of my body.

Q woke up this morning with spots all over his back. This isn’t poison ivy. My husband wondered what the hell this is and decided to take him to the doctor. Surprise! He has pityriasis. Along side poison ivy. Poor itchy baby. Now all he needs is chicken pox for some sort of itch trifecta.



  1. I have deep and abiding sympathy for anyone who itches.

    Bless Q’s little heart… :/


    • He screams and cries when I try to put something on it, and he bravely tells me he’s not itchy or ouching anymore. But it must have gotten bad earlier today. We were shopping at Target and I got him a cream and he opened it up in the store and tried to put some on.

      • Oh…that’s just so sad. šŸ˜¦ I’m so so sorry he’s going through this…I know just how awful it is to itch…there is NOTHING worse.


    • When being sorted into my house in Pottermore, it asked me what was worse: being cold, tired, lonely, hungry, or one other. It may have been in pain. Itchy may have topped the list as worst. (I think I said tired. I really should have written it all down.)

  2. Oh, poor Q! 5y/o gained my eczema and there have been times when it was the worst on his face. He couldn’t stop scratching it and nothing would help. He’d bring lotion over to me to put on him when it was too much.

    • šŸ˜¦ On the face sounds bad. I know when I get stuff on my face, in addition to being in pain, itchy, or uncomfortable, I take a big hit to my self-esteem. I hope you guys find something that works.

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