Posted by: hatzihatzi | June 1, 2012

Five songs my kid asks me to sing for him

Rare Ould Times. I have only heard it performed by Flogging Molly.

No Woman, No Cry. I like how Joan Baez does it. Only I sing, and he’ll ask for, “No Monkey, No Cry,” because my nickname for Q is Monkey. And when he’s crying and I sing it, he’ll interrupt me and say “Yes Monkey, Cry!”

Hallelujah. I’m not quite sure the context, but E’s mom asked Q what he sings in synagogue. I don’t think he knew the word. He answered Hallelujah, and E’s mom thought that was hilarious and cute, but he meant this song.

Percy the Pale-Faced Polar Bear. I can’t believe I found a video of this. I was a Girl Scout camp counselor, and this was my song. I even had a polar bear hat.

A Pirate I was Meant to be. My boy is such a geek. It makes me so happy. I love it when Q says “ahh….door hinge?”


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