Posted by: hatzihatzi | April 14, 2012

No, you don’t.

I’m not offended by Hilary Rosen (a pundit, not a spokesperson) saying that Ann Romney didn’t work a day in her life. Yeah, I’ll admit it was meant to be offensive to Mrs. Romney personally, but as a mom, I’m not offended. But I am offended by the media and politicians’ reaction to the comment. Let’s get off our high “This is the mom song, cuz moms are great. Moms are better than chocolate cake” horse.[1]  I don’t think anyone means that moms don’t work hard, and I think pretending that’s what she meant is a distraction. I think if people valued moms, this country would have better maternity leave. This country wouldn’t be trying to cut funding to places that provide prenatal care. And this country would be empowering women to make their own decisions about when to become moms because they will realize it’s not something to thrust upon a woman lightly.

I’m offended that Sarah Palin thought that being a hockey mom made her experienced to run the country. I’m a mom. Granted, I know how to use birth control, so I only have one kid and I don’t know, maybe after kid five you do gain special knowledge about government (though you wouldn’t know it from listening to her talk). And while I learned a lot about selflessness and caring for others being a mom, I don’t think these experiences helped me professionally as such. It’s not something that I would put on a resume. And if it’s something that you’re asked during an interview, it’s grounds for a lawsuit.

But being a mom does teach you about time management, whether you have paying work also or not. I’ve heard that working mothers outside the home are more productive workers because they have the desire to get all their work done so they don’t have to bring it home when they are supposed to be on duty with their kids. I don’t have anything to support that, but here’s a letter to the editor from a newspaper in the UAE suggesting something similar. Here’s another link from England, but they’re socialist, so maybe it doesn’t count.

[1] Q sings this song to me. It is from the series  the Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That



  1. Well, as you know, I was offended by it. I thought her comment was uncalled for, insulting, dismissive and rude. The reason I was offended, most, was that it implied Anne Romney wasn’t entitled to speak or have an opinion, simply because of her status. I believe everyone has that right, regardless of status.

    And, while I find her repulsive, I think Sarah Palin’s “qualification” was no different than Bill Clinton’s. She was a governor of a state. *shrug*

    • I’m sorry if I stepped on your toes. I took it out of your sandbox because I didn’t want to hijack the conversation there. I feel like the offensiveness of her comment distracts from the real issue, and the media/politicians responses are just patronizing.

      • Oh, heavens no! I’m happy you did! And I agree with you about the patronizing media. P~

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