Posted by: hatzihatzi | April 13, 2012

the ironic seder

E, Q, and I go to a kid’s shabbat thing at our local synagogue sometimes. Tonight the sermon was about Passover. The rabbi was talking about Jews being slaves in Egypt, and her daughter (who is probably about 5 or 6) raised her hand to say there there still slaves now. The rabbi dismissed her and went on with trying to get parents and kids to dance like Miriam after the Egyptian army drowned. And I just realized, yes, this is why I find this to be a disturbing holiday. Especially ironic given my earlier post about chocolate seders and chocolate slavery.

In college, Hillel put on a human rights seder to educate us about human rights violations in different parts of the world. Apparently these sorts of things are popping up all over. I’m reading about them online now. About how they served kosher food…possibly from the same slaughterhouses that were subject to the immigration raids… We care about how the animal was killed but not if the worker is safe and food secure.


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