Posted by: hatzihatzi | March 19, 2012


At the risk of turning this into a food blog, I have to tell you about what I found! Fryum in the shape of Stars of David! What is fryum? It’s an Indian fried food. This stuff is made of flour and corn starch.

And lots of food dye.

Please excuse my crappy cell phone camera.

I had to buy it. And I fried some up. Look how exciting!

Soaked in oily goodness.

I have to remember to get some for Hanukkah, the holiday of fried foods.

This also makes me think of my best friend from college. She is Jewish and married an Indian man. I knew that at their wedding they would have traditional elements from both cultures. And I was so hoping there would be a swastika, but she is a much better person than I am.


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