Posted by: hatzihatzi | March 7, 2012


Amid the excitement of planning Q’s birthday party and them him getting the stomach flu, I forgot that today/tomorrow is Purim! Purim is my favorite Jewish holiday and my second favorite holiday of all time, followed only by Halloween. Like Halloween, on Purim (I just totally typed Putin there) we dress up and get goodies.

Israeli soldier all dressed up for Purim.

The most popular goodie is hamentashen, named after the bad guy of the Purim story (it’s one of those, they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat stories) and shaped like his three-cornered hat. The cookies are like a triangular tart filled with fruit or poppy, and I pretty much hate them. The dough is not sweet, and there is just too much of it. But in law school, I went to a hamentashen making party to be social, and the Hillel fellow, I guess he was lazy or something (and, as a side note, incredibly hot. Before law school, I wasn’t really attracted to Jews. Except for Oded Fehr, of course. But I think around then, in my mid-20s some sort of biological clock kicked in and told me I should be getting ready to settle down and if I wanted to marry someone similar to myself, I better start liking Jews. Prior to then, I had an extreme Arab/Middle Eastern fetish. And the joke is now that my husband is Mizrahi [Arab Jew] and also a self-hating Jew.), so he just brought a tube of sugar cookie dough and jam. They were very delicious, and I recommend you do that if trying to make hamentashen.

For adults, we are supposed to get so drunk we don’t know the difference between good and evil. Yes, there is a religious drinking game. We are supposed to drink and say “blessed be Mordechai, cursed be Haman” until we mess up.

I hope Q will be feeling well enough to do something Purimy today or tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s just watching Carebears and Curious George and cleaning up vomit. Though I suppose cleaning up vomit is a Purim activity itself.



  1. I love how there are a million excuses reasons to drink on holidays in Judaism!

    • I can really only think of three holidays that require drinking. But it’s encouraged otherwise. It’s the booze and sex religion.

      • Got it. Judaism=Florida State

  2. Purim focuses on the powerless and disenfranchised, who with prudence and courage, triumph over those who have worldly power and hatred.

    • Sorry, for some reason this comment was caught as spam.

      Thanks for the more serious explanation.

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