Posted by: hatzihatzi | February 8, 2012


Since I’m lying in bed sick with not much else to do, I’m subjecting you to a series of rambling posts.

Pomegranates are a traditional Tu B’Shevat food because it is one of the seven species listed in the Torah. It’s also an inside joke with my family. Basically, they are impossible to open or eat without making a pink mess everywhere and on your clothes, like from the Cat in the Hat Comes Back. And the pink mess stains. So E will open a pomegranate in his underwear. At least, he did before we had Q. Now he wears my frilly cat apron.

My sister recently renovated her kitchen. It looks beautiful. She got new marble counter tops, new appliances including a new fridge that is seriously probably bigger than my bathroom, new white cabinets, a new white sink with a funky faucet that turns on when you touch it, a new pale yellow coat of paint, new curtains. I think new everything other than a new stove and new floor. She’s also a little…concerned that her house always look perfect. (I’m trying not to say she’s uptight. I love my sister very much, but she and I are very different. I think she is too concerned about appearances, but she probably thinks I’m a slob.) I don’t know why someone concerned with perfection and things always looking nice would get white kitchen cabinets.

So my family goes to her house for a holiday meal (maybe Rosh Hashanah). My mom always tries to bring something to a family meal that E will like. It’s not that E’s a picky eater. It’s just that so many American foods are unfamiliar to him (or he just doesn’t like) and he’s a vegetarian. Other than that, he’s pretty open minded about food. And my mom just wants to make sure he feels included/represented gustatorially (is that a word?). So she brings an unopened pomegranate to my sister’s new kitchen and tells E “I brought you a pomegranate! Aren’t you going to open it so we all can share it! Don’t you like pomegranate? Doesn’t Q love pomegranate?” E looks around at my sister’s sparkling new kitchen and asks me why my mom hates him, my sister, my sister’s new kitchen, or some combination of the three.



  1. Now I want a pomegranate. I have some pom-cran juice. I’ll have to make due with that.

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