Posted by: hatzihatzi | February 6, 2012

One size doesn’t fit all…unless it’s a condom

I’m anti-circ. I don’t think I’m an intactivist. I believe that education, not legislation, is the best way to get people to change. I believe that we need to educate the practice out of existence and that criminalizing it will only make the behavior more dangerous. I feel this way about female circumcision too. Start the firestorm.

I get that the AIDS rate is lower among circumcised men, but I can’t get behind a movement that thinks it’s easier to mutilate a baby than it to teach men to wear a condom. This gets my back up: (Just like it’s easier to teach kids to avoid pedophile priests than it is to teach priests not to rape:×7204035) Never mind that circumcision hasn’t been shown to have an affect on other things transmitted by sex. And never mind that being circumcised won’t prevent a gay man from getting AIDS (oh, right, it’s illegal to be gay in Africa anyway As long as we appease the Catholic Church by keeping penises out of condoms and in the vaginas of raped virgins, where they belong. (I know, I know. One of these things is not like the other. I’m in a pissy mood for other reasons too.)



  1. I’ve actually been meaning to ask how E felt about this. I know we had lengthy discussions before you were married, but didn’t know if he felt the same way. All of our boys are uncut, and I think it’s ridiculous to continue to mutilate our children.

    • I’m very happy and relieved that E felt the same way. His parents didn’t, but I think they got over it.

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