Posted by: hatzihatzi | February 1, 2012

Tu B’shevat

I realized now that I forgot to show you all a picture of my family’s “holiday tree.” After much debate, E and I decided that we would buy and decorate a holiday tree. E didn’t want to at first, but I explained to him that it’s something my family always did growing up and that it’s a pagan tradition not strictly a Christian thing and that Jewish Russians do it. So we came to a compromise: we would buy a small live tree or shrub to keep inside for the winter holiday and then plant it on Tu B’shevat. Tu B’shevat is the new year for trees (there are four new yearseseses in Judaism).  You can read more about it here if you want: Basically, in modern times, you eat fruit and nuts and plant a tree. You also drink four glasses of wine.

Anyway, so for Christmanukkah, we bought a rosemary plant shaped like a traditional Christmas tree from Home Depot. It smelled wonderful, but it died from lack of sun. I guess we didn’t think this thing through. So I guess next Tuesday we’ll plan the corpse of a rosemary bush in our yard.



  1. I especially like the ‘drink four glasses of wine’ part.

    • Me too! We’re supposed to drink four glasses of wine on Passover too. And get so drunk that we don’t know the difference between good and evil on Purim. Judaism is a party religion.

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