Posted by: hatzihatzi | January 25, 2012

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s over-analyzing comic books!

Q is getting into super heroes, which I think is awesome. I wish I were geeky enough to fully appreciate this, but sadly, all I know of super heroes comes from the more recent movies, in particular X-Men. Q seems to really like Spiderman, and I started watching a cartoon from the 1980s with him. Much to my delight, Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman from X-Men, was also in it! I don’t know why Q likes him and runs around screaming Iceman, but I think I have an affinity for him because, like me, he’s Jewish Catholic. At least, he is according to this site:

And I just have to note my amazement at this database. Wow. That is truly dedication to religious diversity and comic books!


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