Posted by: hatzihatzi | December 25, 2011

What no kid wants to find under the tree

Last night I received definitive proof that Q’s abilities in Hebrew have surpassed my own. I was cleaning up after dinner and Q asked me for his matanah. Q usually likes to “help” me clean, either by using his toy broom to scatter piles of dirt before I can sweep them up, throwing folded and sorted laundry back into the basket, or unloading groceries into the trash can. So every household chore becomes a race–can I clean x before Q undoes all my work? So when he asked me for his matanah I assumed he meant his matatay, which means broom in Hebrew. So I gave him his broom and he gave me and his broom a look of utter disgust, as in how dare I ask him to clean up?

This morning, when we were opening Chrismanukkah presents, I understood my error and Q’s disgust. Q didn’t want him broom last night. Matanah means gift. So when Q told me he wanted to open his holiday presents, I told him to clean the floor.



  1. hahahahaha! This is a fantastic story!

    • Thanks. I feel like everyone needs an embarrassing story to tell about learning a foreign language. I’m proud to finally have one. Though it’s not as good as my friend’s story. She once asked a waiter for a vagina of tea.

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