Posted by: hatzihatzi | December 17, 2011

More on Constantine’s Sword

In my last post, I mentioned the documentary Constantine’s Sword based on the book by James Carroll. I just want to take a few moments to talk about it and why I love it.

Basically, the movie is about the origins of anti-semitism and how it spread and grew and is narrated by James Carroll, a former priest. So it’s interesting for me to get his take on things and symbols from his childhood/throughout his life that he accepted growing up but is now examining them more closely and seeing an anti-semitic side. (I sound like Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo who called everyone an anti-semite.)

The beginning of the movie has a parts of an interview with Ted Haggard. I believe that some people are so ugly inside that it shows on their face. He is one of them. The movie was filmed before we learned about Ted Haggard’s personal life, and he was asked about how he felt about non-Christians at the air force academy being pressured to go to his church or see a blood thirsty movie based on a blood thirty book that, while written long ago, is still responsible for and/or the basis of a lot of hate. His response to this pressure and excuse for his own blindness to anti-semitism was to liken it to Coke versus Pepsi. He likes Coke, but he doesn’t get offended when he sees a Pepsi commercial or sees a friend drinking Pepsi.

His response left me dumbfounded. Did he really just compare two thousand years of oppression and pogroms and worse to the cola wars? I spoke to a friend of mine about this and asked her what do I say to someone as stupid as that? She suggested reminding him that no one died because of their soft drink choice.

Oh, no? I asked her. You haven’t heard of Kristall Pepsi Nacht?


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