Posted by: hatzihatzi | December 1, 2011

Holiday songs

I hate Christmas music. Maybe that’s not entirely true. Maybe I just hate popular musicians now making holiday music or any new holiday music generally (generally, the only stuff I tolerate was written before the ’50s). The Christmas Shoes song makes me retch. It makes me think of Hans Christian Andersen’s story the Red Shoes, which seems to have the opposite message.

But on Christmas music, I know I hold the minority opinion. A friend of mine told me about the zillion Christmas music stations on satellite radio and the one Hanukkah music station. Since I can only think of one Hanukkah song, I asked if they just play the dreidel song on a loop. She got silly and said they might also play “I’m Dreaming of a Blue Hanukkah.” I suggested “Oy Holy Night.” My father wanted to join in the fun and thought of “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Khale.”[1]

Anyone else want to play?

[1] Khale is Yiddish for challah. Which I didn’t know until about five seconds ago, since every Jew I know calls it challah. I just thought my mom was mispronouncing it when she told us what it was called, as she does with a lot of other words (she calls guacamole guacamol). It’s really no wonder I grew up with a speech impediment.



  1. There’s an Oi to the World, but it’s not the same ‘oi.’

    (it’s one of about three holiday songs I can stand)

    • I have not heard this song before. Thanks.

      For some reason (perhaps the reference in this song to police sirens and a bloody dying man), I was reminded of Weird Al’s Christmas songs “the Night Santa Went Crazy” and “Christmas at Ground Zero.” I like those too.

      (Oh, and I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I like some TSO too).

      • The others I enjoy are The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping and Run DMC’s Christmas in Hollis.

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